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"Bringing Good People Together"
Your Local Website For Tamaqua Area Events, News, Photos, Videos, Links, Community Information, Businesses, Organizations, and More Great Stuff!
Hello all.  My name is Andrew Leibenguth.
I created and maintain as a hobby.
I use this website, local charities, my community newsletters, Times News reporting, and my Tamaqua signage as time consuming ways to overcome personal issues I deal with since my return from Iraq.
My website brings all the great people, families, organizations, and businesses in and around Tamaqua together in one place to share events, photos, and much more.
My community website isn't your normal boring or non-updated community website. I routinely upload and maintain my site by adding events, businesses, photos, videos, community news, and much more.
And best of all, my site is 100% free for everyone to use. My photos are free to download or use how you want. I NEVER take sponsors or donations. I only do this to keep "sane".
Taking photos and videos simultaneously at an event.                           On post in Iraq before my injury.  Semper Fi!          
       Making "Tamaqua Signage" for a number of community events.                        Having fun at our Tamaqua Salvation Army.             
Stop wasting time on this page...  Go browse my site...

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Andrew Leibenguth
(570) 668-1234



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